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Little Sara Sister Trilogy is a Commodore 64 Game developed by Ice Team with the help of Hokuto Force and selled in 2013 by Flimsoft

It contains:
  • Little Sara Sister
  • Little Sara Sister 1.5
  • Little Sara Sister 2
Little Sara Sister 2 game has 38 levels that goes from caverne, Antartica ice land, Pyramid in Egipth and so on.
The game is created by a Game Construction Kit program written in Java.
By purchasing this product you will receive:
  • The Disk image D64 of the game that you can use in an C64 emulator to play the game
  • The complete source of the game engine in Assembler language that is used by the GCK
  • The Java program Game Construction Kit that you can use for creating your own Game. The program run in both Windows and Linux platforms.
  • The complete PDF manual that shows how to use the GCK
  • All the resources that are used for creating LSS2 game, so you can start from them for creating your game

The cost for having a digital copy of the above product sent to your email address is 2000 NKA

If you want to have even the source of the Java program, it is available for 20000 NKA